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This is an honest statement.
Let us share a secret we shouldn't share with you, the customer.
Online merchants that offer a free delivery are, in fact, impacting this loss in the final cost of the product.
In the end, you pay for the delivery, you just don't see it, you pay for it through the product.

Well things are different here at
We actually pay the delivery for you and for that, the price of the bag has not been boosted in any way.

And because we care about your experience, even our free basic delivery service is tracked and secure.


Our aim is to offer a shopping experience as pleasant as possible.
The bag you have ordered is too small or too big? 
We will supply you with a postage paid return coupon (or refund your expenses if we were unable to provide a pre-paid return coupon at the moment of your purchase) so that you can return your purchase to us within 30 days. You can either get your money back or exchange your bag for another model.


If you notice, within fourteen days of buying your bag that you could have paid less elsewhere. (excluding auction websites).
For the same model we will reimburse the difference so that you are left with no regrets at all.
If you wish to find out more about our Price Match Guarantee please email us with your questions :