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Discover our handmade weekend bag for men: The Kennedy.

Like all our leather bags, the Kennedy is exclusive to Ruitertassen.
Handcrafted with exceptional leather hides, the Kennedy is
built to last and designed to travel while sustaining a quality look.

Why is the Kennedy different?

For starters, you will never find such high quality leather at this price.
This overnight / weekend bag comes in two versions.
The "soft" version offers a beautiful shade of brown leather.
This is an Italian wild leather richly pebbled, soft, supple but strong.
It doesn't fear the rain and looks awesome in any circumstances.

The nomad version is made of an oiled leather, full of character, it will
evolve with time and will develop a brown leather patina.

This weekend bag is versatile, roomy, very practical. With three large
compartments, a 17 inch laptop cushioned compartment, outside and
inside pockets and a key will never be out of ressources.
We designed it so the bag will expand to welcome all your things.
Even the last minute gift from the airport...

How can we craft such an affordable high-end leather weekend bag?

We have been able to craft leather bags from our own workshop since 1925.
That is how we offer leather weekend bags that are of the best leather
and craftsmanship at reasonable prices.
Some antique 30 years old Ruitertassen leather bags can be found on the second hand market today.
We are proud to offer not only a great a weekend leather bag but also a wise investment.

Also features:

+ Conforms with the stringent standards of most airlines for hand luggage.
+ Your weekend bag is covered by our exclusive workshop guarantee.
+ You will not need an extra protective sleeve for your computer.
+ Your bag is lined with our no-stain ultra durable nylon.
+ Long lasting nylon stitching.


Kennedy Overnight Leather Bag

Nomad / 3 Compartments / 45x33x18

Kennedy Leather Weekend Bag

Soft / 3 Compartments / 45x33x18

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