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One of the most surprising aspect with our bags is their price.
It is surprisingly low despite the very high cost of the leather we use.  

Quite simply we don't play the "luxury brand" card. 
We only manufacture high quality leather bags and offer them at an affordable price so every businessman, teacher, doctor can be equipped with the most charismatic and durable leather bag. 

We will always do our best to offer you the best possible prices on all our bags, however, if you can find another website that offers the same bag you have your eye on for cheaper, we'll match it! 
We'll even go as far as to offer this service for up to 14 days after your purchase, all you need to do is ask.


> You must have bought your bag on our e-shop : and have gotten in touch with us about the price match request within 14 of having bought your bag. 
You must be able to provide us with proof and the bag offered at a lower price must me the same model and leather type as yours.

> price is the price minus all reductions, promotions and coupons you might have used. The price you paid. 

> The link you give us must lead to the same bag as yours, in the same colour, and must be in stock and available from the competing website. The price must include shipping, if the competitor charges extra for shipping. We will take into account all costs from the competitor when adding up the price match.

> Our Price match guarantee only applies to other UK e-commerce websites. 

> Auctions websites are not accepted.          

> The website must sell to UK residents.

> The price difference applies to the total cost (shipping included) of the product.

> You can only apply for a price match once per item. Once a bag has been price matched, it can no longer be eligible for our price match.            

> Our price match only applies for items bought for personal use and in no case items bought for resell purposes. 

If you feel happy that you have found a better price elsewhere then please contact us! We would love to know where!