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Your Ruitertassen Advisor will help you choose the right bag, he can estimate your bag's availability date, prepare a coffee or massage your neck after a long day at work.
Here is his address:

Your Ruitertassen Assistant can estimate your order's delivery date, refund you when you return an order, help you get your bag repaired etc.
Here is his address:

Our Advisors got a brilliant idea one day. They gathered all the frequent questions they received everyday on a single page. They named it the "Astonishingly-Frequently-Asked-Questions" page. Please have a look at the A.F.A.Q page right here.

We filled this page with good tips for you. Click here to become knowledgeable.

For any special request, business enquiries etc. You can contact us by phone : +32 (0)56 60 38 78.
That's our Belgium office but we speak English ;).