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You Covet.... Even if you don't have the budget.

Now You Can Own The Leather Craftsman Bag
You Covet.... Even if you don't have the budget.

"The classic leather satchel bag.
Rugged and worn on the day that it’s born.
Each one has its own unique story."
A birthright from its ancestors...

...And descended from the original Belgian tannery that we still use today. Exclusively. This tannery is the only source where Jacob de Ruiter found the quality of leather he required for his hand-made and ever-so-popular satchels, mostly sold only to close friends and family members at first. But then by word-of-mouth until “Ruitertassen” became a household name.

Today, we use the exact same time-honored traditions as Jacob de Ruiter started with almost 90 years ago.

We use only 100% vegetable-tanned skins – the slow but high-quality process that goes back to prehistoric times. Zero chemicals. Eco-friendly.
And oh, such patina…

  • Custom-made fittings.
  • 2.7mm thick leather.
  • Full-Grain leather.
  • No traces of toxic residues.

Some bags are roomy but weak. Others are durable but cramped.
Ruitertassen bags are roomy and durable.

We pour every possible penny into the in-depth quality and care
that’s taken in the hand-made crafting of your bag.

We own our own workshop, and we do all the work ourselves
in the entire business. Absolutely zero outsourcing.
No fancy adverts or expensive marketing campaigns, either.

We don’t scrimp anywhere. We take the time and devote the resources to make sure every bag that leaves our shop is absolutely perfect. But if, for some reason, a flaw should appear – even two years down the road – we will repair it for free. That’s how much we care about our Ruitertassen bags… and how much we care about you.

Just like Jacob de Ruiter selling only to his close friends, family, and their friends… every customer of Ruitertassen becomes also… a friend.

Time to choose your Ruitertassen 'Classic Heritage Bag'.